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12.02.2011 --

The Constant of Coffee …

Andrew R Shondrick -- Dawn of the Working Week

‘Dawn of the Working Week’

Dear Colorado,

This fancy little painting here is in tonight’s “Caffeine” opening at the Rendition Gallery in Fort Collins, CO.

The show also boasts work by some pretty impressive artists like Scott Tolleson, Aaron Jasinski, Bryan Collins, Switch/Brucey, Jason Rowland, Heather Renaux,Emily Clingman and Rendition studio artists Rolfe Bautista, Jeff Herndon, Daniel Ibanez, Rachel Ann, and Matthew Angelo. The show sounds great so I hope some of you can make it out to Rendition this December.

Andrew R Shondrick -- Dawn of the Working Week

This painting is actually somehow related to that ‘naked in the woods’ series I tested out earlier this year, (hence the leaf). This one is “Dawn of the Working Week” and I think it pretty cleanly lays out the domestication of a Monday morning and the all important role that first up of coffee plays.

Andrew R Shondrick -- Dawn of the Working Week

College, our first job or our first child, we all have that moment in life when we realize that coffee is the all nurturing manna handed down by the gods so we can over come that pesky little devil otherwise known as sleep. For me it was summer school for tenth grade English class. It was six straight hours my most mind numbing subject right at the delicate age when I first discovered that capitulating to nightly slumber was truly the option of the weak. Coffee saved me then.

Andrew R Shondrick -- Dawn of the Working Week

Of course since then I have maintained the worst sleeping habits this side of the grave and have become a grizzled old man in constant need of an espresso …

Oh well.

I’ll post again shortly about a shiny new Munny of mine.