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05.11.2011 --

A Bunny Munny in Amazing Interactive 4-D !!!

Andrew R Shondrick -- Rabbit in Respite -- Munny

‘Rabbit in Respite — Munny’

Marie Ung invited me to take part in ‘Cast in Plastic’ — a custom toy show in Houston, Texas. It opens at Domy Books this Saturday 05.14.2011.

The artist list includes:

Abe Lincoln Jr, Ack!, Andrew Shondrick, Anville, Babyvtec, BALD, Brett Osborne, Chauskoskis, Christian Navarrette, Daniel Anguilu, Evoker, Fried Gold Productions, Ian Ziobrowski, Igor Ventura, James Fuller, Jay Bramhall, Jeremiah Ketner, Julie Truong, George Lamontagne, Lara Slater, Luihz, Unreal, Malo Customs, Martin Hsu, Matt Anderson, MeSmithy, Mr. Den, Nreazon, Rocketboy, Rsin, Ryan the Wheelbarrow, Saner, Squink!, Valerie G, VISEone, Zam Art

Andrew R Shondrick -- Rabbit in Respite -- Munny

Those who know me best know that I am well overdue to make a bunny. Something about their floppy ears, constant munching and the use of bouncing as their primary method of transportation makes them my constant go-to creature for doodle and glee.

It is then that when Marie invited me along on my latest venture into the Munny making world that I incarnated the little hoppy fellow pictured here. He stands at about ten inches high and is the product of my first customization attempt with epoxy clay. I like him.

Keeping with my constant zeal for gimmickry and magic, I saw fit to make a little stereoscopic rotation of my little polymer friend. As with the Possum-Munny post, the video is stereoscopic. Unfocusing your vision should create a third, faux-3D bunny in the middle. You can then use the slider to scrub the video and spin him back and forth whilst utilizing all four practical dimensions.

Nifty, no?

I apologize for the fuzziness of the video. I have a really sharp video but that is 370 megabits so I thought it best to use a more aggressive codec.

Also worth noting is that the video was made from 270-some still photos from my DSLR. Apparently my Mini-DV camera is no longer amongst the living. Who knew?

Also, also: If any of you are web-sleuths and can tell me why the embedded quicktime file doesn’t want to obey the wmode settings, it would be down right kind of you.

Andrew R Shondrick --Rabbit in Respite -- Munny

Coming from an oven bake clay, the epoxy took some getting used to. Unlike oven-bake, epoxy is rather messy. It is sticky from the start and then gets muddy as you smooth it with water. That being said, the fact that it fully cures at room temperature is very convenient. It allowed for an easy gradual build up for the ears and a peace of mind knowing that I won’t be able to but a thumb print in what I finished yesterday.

I used a coiled armature wire to give the ears a basic shape a rigidity while waiting for the first thin layer of clay to dry. A third step connected the wires to the Munny itself while adding more clay for a relatively seamless transition.

Andrew R Shondrick --Rabbit in Respite -- Munny

That’s all for this entry. I’ll connect back with you, dear readers, next month to let you know about a giant garden gnome project that I am participating in. Until then …