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03.12.2011 --

Another Ode to All Things Floating

Andrew R Shondrick -- Ever Eluding All Things Alluring

‘Ever Eluding All Things Alluring’

After taking it easy while waiting to last year to end this year has been keeping me delightfully busy. Above is a recent painting that I am feeling pretty good about.

It challenged me a little more than normal because I wanted to play with glazing techniques after I finished the initial effort. It became pretty evident to me last year that there were limitations in my efforts to create lighting and atmospheric effects that simply weren’t going to be overcome by the methods I had been using. Applying these thin semi-transparent layers on the surface of the painting is really time consuming, but wildly worth it.

Andrew R Shondrick -- Ever Eluding All Things Alluring

Random Fun Fact:

The painting was loosely based on the following digital image I made while goofing around last year.

Andrew R Shondrick -- Communication Garden

The “Naked in the Woods” painting that I featured in the previous post was actually one of the paintings that I was just never happy with the color, atmosphere and lighting on so I decided to adjust all those things with layers of glaze. If you scroll down and compare them, you’ll see that it makes a pretty big difference.

Andrew R Shondrick -- Tomorrow I'll Be Naked in the Woods

‘Tomorrow I’ll Be Naked in the Woods’

In February I learned that, despite my previously held beliefs on the matter, I actually will paint somebody’s dogs. My friend Jen has been imploring me for a year or two to make such a painting for her so I finally broke. I went with a Tiki theme based on our mutual appreciation for the artist Shag and the general awesomeness of a Tiki theme.

Andrew R Shondrick -- Sophie Vs. the Tiki Gods, (Willie Was There Too)

‘Sophie Vs. the Tiki Gods, (Willie Was There Too)’

In an effort to get this blog up to speed, I am going to try follow with a new post tomorrow about another custom Vinyl toy show that I’ll be participating in.

Until then.