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01.03.2011 --

A Toast to Times Gone By

Tomorrow I'll be Naked in the Woods by Andrew R Shondrick

‘Tomorrow I’ll be Naked in the Woods’

If television has taught me anything it is that this country loves crazy naked people. I don’t know why exactly, but it just does. So it is, I suppose, that the above painting is my gift back to this country.

Moving on and in the spirit of the new year, I’d like to give you guys a quick remembrance my activities closing out 2010:

Andrew R Shondrick -- Sara and Kevin

First things first, Congratulations to my little sister Sara and her husband Kevin on their lovely October wedding. The two met as teenagers nearly a decade ago and have been growing closer ever since. I know Kevin makes my sister happy and on a separate note I can tell you that he makes me happy as I completely dominate him at foosball and air hockey. Oh the joys. Welcome to the family little brother!

Andrew R Shondrick -- Wall Eye Bears

As an Irony of timing, the very same night of my sister’s wedding saw the Lonesome No More Opening at the Wall Eye Gallery in Cleveland. Lonesome No More is a gaggle of artists organized by cultural mover and shaker Dave Desimone.

Pictured here are Jonah Jacobs, myself and Chad Chimes in order of left to right while setting up. While I was sadly not in attendance for the opening, I was told it went quite well.

Andrew R Shondrick -- Pecha Kucha Cleveland Bears

Michael Christoff was one who told me it went well and he actually liked the work I presented so much that he invited me to speak at Pecha Kucha night Cleveland Vol. 10 in November.

Andrew R Shondrick -- Pecha Kucha Cleveland

Pecha Kucha is a world wide series of speaking events that have persons-of-interest give approximately six minute presentation with 20 slides that are each shown for 20 seconds. Micheal and his colleague Raseem Parker host the Cleveland series and I thank them as it was a joy, honor and privilege to present.

Andrew R Shondrick -- Pecha Kucha Cleveland

My opening slide was one of those pictures of Photoshop-ed bear heads I do which everyone immediately laughed at. This was a good thing as I had planned on my ice breaker being, “Man, I haven’t even started speaking and everyone is already laughing at me.” I did say that and everyone laughed again which was a relief as I depend a little light hearted absurdity to carry me every now and then. Very few artist are natural public speakers you know?

Andrew R Shondrick -- Pecha Kucha Cleveland

Another thing to note about the organizers is that they are architects. This is worth noting because architects plan their events in the most amazing buildings, court yards and public structures in town. Wow.

Andrew R Shondrick -- kitty

On other horizons: While leaving work before Thanksgiving one of my co-workers couldn’t help but notice that the shrubbery was meowing to her. That meowing turned out to be a little six-week old kitten separated from her mother. Two months prior I had actually lost a very sweet stray that I was trying to save, so the discovery of a kitten in need of a home wasn’t entirely unwelcome. Through some effort we caught her, she bit me and I named her Olive (AKA Fuzzy-Face).

She is doing very well, though she does have this modestly creepy way of sitting and staring at me adoringly while I am trying to paint.

A final note of gratitude to end this post goes to Room With a View in Akron who were nice enough to feature my work in their space this season.

I have a few fun things lined up for 2011 including some new custom work so I look forward to sharing that soon.

Thanks for reading all this. I know it ran long so as a bonus I’ll share this old college photo of John Waters hating some of my early work. Enjoy!

Andrew R Shondrick -- John Waters and Bear