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07.11.2010 --

“Hot Damn! The Forbidden Zone!”

Andrew R Shondrick --The Forbidden Zone

‘The Forbidden Zone’

Next month Chad “Chod” Chimes will be curating a show at the (art)ificial Gallery titled “Cinematic Redux.” For the theme, Chad simply gathered a motley crew of artist and set us loose to design posters for movies we deem classic.

Being a sophisticated sort, I naturally chose “The Forbidden Zone.” For those unfamiliar, this 1980′s acme of live action film was realized by the characters behind The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo. Never for those easily offended, “The Forbidden Zone” combined excesses of the absurd with with a heart based in 1920′s american animation primarily inspired by the Fleischer Studios, (Betty Boop, Superman, ect).

Essentially that means it was really fun to draw.

The show opens August 7th from 6pm to 9pm. I will be in attendance for at least some of the evening, so if you come out feel free to say hello. The gallery will be producing posters/prints of all the art in the show. I’ll follow up once the show is live for those of you who may be interested in purchasing the original or a reproduction of my piece.

Here is one more painting I have recently completed:

Andrew R Shondrick -- Situations Normal: All Fowled Up

‘Situations Normal: All Fowled Up’

Most of this weekend had me building frames for paintings which can be an amazingly messy affair.

Andrew R Shondrick

Thankfully I live alone and answer to no one about the state of the dining room floor.

Andrew R Shondrick