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06.07.2010 --

Nearing a Passing Hour

Andrew R Shondrick -- After the Flood

‘After the Flood’

Life has been churning away behind the scenes here. I am working on these new paintings for a little project Dave Desimone, (former owner of the Low Life Gallery) is putting together. He is still drawing up the details but I will be one of fifteen artists along for the ride. I’ll let you guys know more as time progresses but it should be a lot of fun for everyone included.

Andrew R Shondrick -- She Brought a Molotov To My Cocktail Party

‘She Brought a Molotov To My Cocktail Party’

I’ll also be a part of a couple themed shows in the coming months. Down in Akron, Vivid Plastic Toys will be hosting a customized Munny show that I am looking forward to. I haven’t a clue what I will do with the little fellow, but I have been wanting to a custom for awhile now so I will hopefully get something worth my anticipation incarnated by August.

Andrew R Shondrick --bears

A couple weeks ago I was in Akron again for the opening of “Modern Mythologies” at Revival. The show included three of my old college friends: Matthew Miller, Mathew Pearlman and Josh Davis as well as myself. Our friend Vince took the above photo of, respectively, Miller, Pearlman and myself.

We like vegetables.

I believe the show will be running for a couple more weeks so all you Akronians should check it out if you missed it so far. There is some real nail-biting-good work in this one.