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04.24.2010 --

With Another Sun Fallen …

New Drawing by Andrew R Shondrick

With another day coming to an end I felt that I was overdue to update this thing. I spent most of the past few weeks feeling quite lazy but that is probably more in my head than in actuality. I cut down sizable stack of birch panels that I am currently sanding and, as seen above, drawing on for my next series of paintings.

After spending so much time on the computer lately it feels great to be drawing again.

Cards by Andrew R Shondrick

One of the best things about living in Cleveland, (in my less than humble opinion) is Phoenix Coffee. I frequent their East Ninth Street location a couple times a week for the sort of soothing touch that only a post-work espresso, small coffee and freakishly un-healthy pastry can provide.

The kindly staff there recently offered to display a back-catalogue of my work which sounded like a great idea to me. I’ve received a great response from it so I would like to thank everyone who stopped by and gave my work a gander. If anyone else is in the Cleveland area and would like to some of my work, it should be on display for a couple more weeks.

Cards 2

Here are some new business cards fresh from the printer. They share branding with this website and came out pretty great.


It should be noted that those pictures were of the second card castle. The first card castle I made met a fury fate.

kitty 2

New Limon

Lastly I bought this new Jason Limon painting from his First Of series which is amazing to have. As seen here hanging next to some older pieces I have by Chris Ryniak and Chris Rutan.
I may have a tiny art collection, but that’s not to stop it from growing.