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03.07.2010 --


 miniature crocheted bomb by my friend Theresa

It feels like spring is officially breaking here. I’ve officially cracked two windows to let some of that forty-something air in as the sunlight combines with the radiator to make this place pleasently too warm. A warm week in March is way too soon to declare victory over winter in Cleveland, yet I am hopeful.

As if with one final malicious whip, however, this winter finally got a hold of my immune system and I ended up lamenting a cold all week. Such a state lazied me up enough to prevent my forward progress on this site, but that excuse has come to pass.

In a pleasant turn of events my old friend Theresa sent me a tiny crocheted bomb in the mail. A mail-bomb if you will. Let it never be said that we failed to live a life of danger.

Adios Kiddos.

Never for Fear Of Exploding We'd Watch the World Turn -- Andrew R Shondrick

'Never for Fear Of Exploding We'd Watch the World Turn'