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04.21.2008 --


With this new site being well underway I thought I’d post a little about it for those parties interested.

My old site, (which, for the time being, is still available at had a few nice tricks in it but ultimately it was too dark and impractical. There came a time to realize that I lack the skill and time to create and maintain a truly wonderful Flash site so I decided to move on.

I decided to build this site around a WordPress core for several reasons. I wanted a blog-centric website to make updating easy and to give people a chance to subscribe to the RSS feature. Not being based solely in flash, my images and content will be search engine friendly and people will be able to bookmark any page that interests them. WordPress allows you to download their program to your own site and then to style it to any extreme that suits you needs. All in all this allows me a highly functional, professional and easy-to-operate website.

For those of you wondering, I actually am a simpleton with minimal wed design/programming knowledge. My ability to get this thing off the ground owes much graditude to and more specifically this screen-cast series.

With this being said, my future posts here will move away from drab web design talk and focus on painting, (which I am significantly better at).

Until then.